Wedding Questionnaire

Elite Ovations Dj Entertainment Wedding Questionnaire
Who will the Dj Contact:__________________________
Phone:_________________________ Alternate Emergency Contact Day of
Event___________ Phone:_________________________ Date of
Event__________________ Dj Performance Time______________________________
Expected Number of Guests:_____________ Average Age of
Will the Dj be announcing the arrival of the Bride and Groom and if so, how would you
like to be announced (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith)?
Will the Bridal Party be announced? _____________ If yes, please provide a list of the
bridal party in order of appearance
Will the Dj be playing when the guests arrive? ____________________
Preferred Music?_____________________________________________
Will the Dj be playing during Dinner? ____________________________
Preferred Music?_____________________________________________
Will there be a toast? ______________ Approx When?_______________
Will you cut the cake?______________ Approx When?________________
Will you toss the bouquet?__________ Approx When? ________________
Will you toss the garter? ___________ Approx When? ________________
Will you have the traditional dances? __________________
1st Dance (Bride and Groom) Time:_____________________
Song___________________________ Artist__________________________
2nd Dance Song (Bride and Father) Time:______________________________
Song:__________________________ Artist___________________________
3rd Dance Song (Groom and Mother) Time:______________________________
Song:__________________________ Artist:______________________________
Additional Song Requests:________________________ (Attach a list if necessary)
Please attach any other instructions/special details you feel we should know to ensure that
your special day is a success. Thank you for choosing Porta Party Dj Entertainment.